Masks Patterns for Marshall Hospital

In working with the administration  and medical team at Marshall Medical Centerl, there are three approved mask patterns they need.  They are:

  1.  Olson Pattern– developed by  Unity Point Health.  Please modify this to add nose wire and also cut down the side width so they do not fit over the ears.  More info, plus videos link are in this document  HERE.
  2. Gray Bonnet Mask Pattern and Instructions SIZE LARGE– Newest pattern, developed by a wonderful math teacher at Oak Ridge High School, Alicia Gray. . Video is at this Link.

An earlier pattern approved by Marshall is this one:

  1.  AB Nurse Pattern 2.0–  Developed by a nurse, Jessica Nandino, this is a very popular pattern that many health care providers have asked for.  Her instructions, video links are HERE.

In addition, for novice sewers, or sewists wanting a fast easy pattern for the health care community, family and friends, please visit Missouri Star Quilt CO mask page HERE.  Modification, please add a nose wire.

Do not sew, but want a mask?  See this LINK.

For more information, including forming a local sewing group, and delivery options to get your masks to Marshall, please contact Carla at sailingmahi [at] or on the new Facebook Group HERE.

Thank you for using your skills to make a difference!

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