Back to The Berry Islands!

We had a nice motor sail across from Nassau to the Berry Islands.  We knew that bad weather was approaching, so we needed a place to hole up for a couple of days-  one with both a south and westerly protection.

Only hitch in the crossing was a fast motor yacht who came within 100 feet of hitting us.  We first spotted them off our port side, and kept close visual eye on this faster boat.  We had the right-of-way, but you can’t always count on the the other boat knowing this, or if they even have someone at the wheel.

Turns out this captain was just being a jerk.  Hard to miss our large white sails.  Some motor yacht captains do not care for sailboats, so he apparently wanted to wake us by passing just in front of our boat at high speed.  Not cool, but especially not cool if you have a small child on board.  We were able to yell for Ethan to brace himself.   Being at the helm, I had slowed down to a crawl to avoid a collision.


Great Harbour Cay’s Beach Club Bay

We arrived to Great Harbour Cay’s Beach Club Bay late in the day, which would give us protection with good holding.  Not long after we arrived, the first of three storms hit.  I clocked winds about 35 knots.  Joe had unstrapped the dinghy on the foredeck in preparation for putting it into the water.  We were thinking of heading ashore for drinks when the weather turned.  The halyard was clipped on.  When the initial gusts came, the dinghy flew up to the mast.  Joe quickly tied off the painter so the dinghy wouldn’t swing around.

After the third storm front passed, we pulled up anchor and headed around the tip of the Stirrup Cays for the west entrance to Great Harbour Cay Marina.  It felt like we were home again, at least our Bahamian home port.

To enter the cut, you must rely on the charts, then at the last minute you see the narrow opening and pray another boat is not coming out.13237861_10206591162678238_5161244659048044046_n

Marina and Island Manager Hans, along with M/Y Largo friend, Karen, was there to grab our lines and say hello.  Felt like our home away from home.  We love this place!  Here is a slideshow of why we love Great Harbour Cay:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the end, we were feeling homesick.  After all, it had been 9 months since we left California on this adventure.  So, we decided to leave our boat at Great Harbour Cay Marina for hurricane season and fly home to California.  That meant I needed to research how to prepare your boat ahead of time to leave it.  You do not want to come back and find mold has grown inside Mahi’s interior.  Or, that critters have moved on board the boat.

13327549_10206704682316158_4045192856226925981_nIn the end, I removed every open food on the boat, defrosted the fridge and freezer, and cleaned and wiped down every interior surface with vinegar/water solution.  Our friends on Largo, Jay and Karen, along with the marina, kindly offered to keep an eye on Mahi during our absence.  Thank you, Jay and Karen!!

Now it is time to fly home.  Stay Tuned!



  4 comments for “Back to The Berry Islands!

  1. quiltnqueen
    July 17, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    Beautiful pics! And what a wonderful adventure you’ve been on! When a captain of another boat/ship acts like that, can you report them to someone? What a jerk. Why don’t some like sailboats? Sailboats are less polluting then yachts, aren’t they?


    • July 18, 2016 at 2:25 pm

      No one to report to, really, unless a collision took place. Then would call for Help to both the US Coast Guard and the Bahamian equivalent.

      Not sure why some power boats dislike sailboats, but first heard about this from my sister, who works in the megayacht industry. Thus said, we met many wonderful powerboat owners who have become friends.

      Sailboats under sail use wind to get from place to place, but we also use our motor to enter harbors, anchor, and any tricky passes.

      Funny, but you miss home when you are on the boat- and miss the boat when you are home. 😀. Anyway, good to hear from you!


  2. farmquilter
    July 17, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    Glad you have friends to watch your second home!! I found that some folks who have motorboats seem to feel that they are superior to those of us who own sailboats – like we are the poor cousins on the water! Guess you really couldn’t/shouldn’t shoot their engine with an emergency flare, but it is so very tempting! Hope you enjoying your time at your land home!


    • July 18, 2016 at 2:31 pm

      LOL!! Some people on land or sea are just inconsiderate, but luckily the majority of boaters- motor yachts, trawlers, and sailboats, are wonderful and caring.

      So enjoying time at home, using the summer to catch up on doctor and dentist visits, and spending lots of time with grandkids. However, I am really missing the boat and can’t wait to fly back!


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