Highbourne to Rose Island


Grocery at Highbourne Cay

From Shroud Cay, we stopped at Highbourne for the night.  Our plan was to head out in the morning to sail up towards Nassau across the bank.  There is a section that requires coral navigation, so you ideally want to hit it around noon time on a clear day for good visibility.


View from Grocery Store

At Highbourne, this was basically a quick stop.  We picked up Paula from S/V Island Time to head to the grocery store at the marina.  This was a picturesque spot, and when I say the grocery store is pricey, trust me on this.  I bought 3 bags of groceries for $160.  They were small bags, too.

img_1931At the marina is an impressive amount of nurse sharks waiting to be fed.  Here are some just hanging out, hoping for a fisherman to come along.  I counted about 20 of them at one point.  Don’t think I’ll go swimming here!


Mahi sailing across the Northwest Providence Channel

Next morning, we quickly pulled up anchor to head to Rose Island, an anchorage just east of Nassau.  We had been warned about the coral heads along the bank route, but in the end, managed to avoid them all just fine.


Sunrise at Rose Island

Rose Island as an anchorage spot was a serious disappointment, given the weather direction.  Rough, rolly, and most uncomfortable.   Island Time anchored just in front of us for the night.  In the morning, we all agreed we had a horrible night.  Never stopping there again!  First light, while beautiful, saw us heading towards the Berry Islands.

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