Cambridge and Compass Cays

13221524_10206573181308715_3649667834127094570_nWe headed north and decided to stop at one of our favorite places in the Exumas- the anchorage at Cambridge Cay.  This gave us an opportunity to revisit the Sea Aquarium one last time, then visit the Bubbly Pool on Compass Cay, and finally snorkel by the Coral Gardens off of Honeymoon Beach.

img_2179Along for the fun were Ken and Paula from S/V Island Time.  We first met at Black Point when we saw their unusual yellow dinghy called a Portland Pudgy and asked them about it.  Ethan dubbed it with a new name, “The Interesting Dinghy.”

Later on, every time we saw them, Paula would share some of her chocolate and chocolate milk with us.  You gotta love a cruiser who stocks up on the essentials!    We invited them to ride along with us in our dinghy to visit the Bubbly Pool and Coral Gardens.

13230342_10206573181988732_598148705091088669_nThe Bubbly Pool at Compass Cay was my favorite!  I could have stayed there for hours.  Basically, a bubbly pool is where the waves crash over the rocks into a pool, creating a natural jacuzzi.   Best to go at high tide, which we did.  This place was so much fun!  Here is a view of Joe holding Ethan, and also Paula in the pool:


After this adventure, it was back over to Cambridge Cay for Ken, Paula and I to see the Coral Gardens.  Joe had snorkeled on it previously.  Joe had shared about the rare elkhorn coral there, and so I really wanted to view it.  This place is beautiful, and I was able to capture just how much with my underwater camera:


Just after I took these pictures, a 7 foot reef shark swam by me.  I froze for a moment, then grabbed my camera and swam after him.  He was too fast for me, so I missed him.  Probably a good thing.

This was a great day spent with new sailing friends.  I leave you with a picture of what Cambridge Cay looks like as you head towards the anchorage through a narrow channel.13230322_10206537939947703_7537485038872578750_n

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