Black Point, Exumas


Mahi at Black Point, Exumas

By this time in our cruising life, Joe, Ethan and I had been gone from home almost 9 months total.  It was time to make a decision about turning around and making the slow trek back to the US.  We missed our family and friends.  The decision was made that Black Point would be the furthest south in the Exumas we would go.

Black Point is a beautiful and unique Bahamian village.  No fuel is available, but it does boast the best laundry place seen in the entire Bahamas.  Even better, this laundry has its own dinghy dock and free wifi.  What’s not to love?

We ate at two restaurants while at Black Point, and most tourists and cruisers talk about the first one, Lorraine’s.  We must have hit them onjoeexuma an off day because the food and service were poor.  The next day, we went for lunch in the restaurant across the street as we noticed that was where the locals went.  We loved it and had a great time there!  Check out this picture of Joe having a good laugh.

We met other cruising boats here, including Ken and Paula aboard Island Time.  Of course, Ken and Lynn, aboard, Tryst Two, were also nearby.

In the afternoon, we decided to go exploring and visit a recent shipwreck nearby.  This turned out to be very interesting.  Here are some pictures of that wreck:

The backstory, as told to me by people on Facebook who knew the owner, was that the owner had run afoul of the Bahamian authorities in 2015.  The officials deported him, and his boat ended up in this small cove.  Also in this cove is a much older wooden wreck, and you can see parts of it in the first picture on the left.

All in all, an interesting day!


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  1. June 4, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Quite the adventure!!!! I’m sure this has been far more awesome than you dreamed!!!!!!

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