Potluck on Pirate’s Beach

mahiwhitecayanchorJoe and I are in love with the Berry Islands, particularly the Eastern Berries.  We have fallen hard for the stunning turquoise vistas, the white sandy beaches, and the remoteness.  Now that we are at anchor in the Eastern Berry Islands, our love for this unique area of the Bahamas has only grown.

biggbeachFrom Soldier Cay, we sailed to White Cay, and anchored for about 5 days.  For the majority of the time, we had this anchorage to ourselves.  It is easy to forget there is a world out there when you go days without seeing another boat.  When you do see someone, you go out of your way to dinghy over to say hello.  New friends are often formed by doing this.

biggauldingbeachWe had the pleasure of saying hello to S/V Trixie, Alan and Lucy, cruising with their grandson, Braden.  Alan and Lucy are experienced cruisers, having traveled extensively for almost two decades.  They pointed out a distance white beach as their favorite beach, on Big Gaulding Cay, a pirates cove complete with chairs, caves, and hammock under the coconut palms, and invited us to have a potluck the following night.  We readily agreed.


I made chicken tacos to share, creating the tortillas from scratch.  Joe helped me make chocolate chip cookies to share.  We took our dinghy over to the beach where Trixie had arrived before us to set up and start a bonfire on the beach.  Ethan’s eyes became large as saucers, he had never before seen such a large fire before, fueled with driftwood and palm fronds.

Alan and Lucy were a delight to talk to. They had so much cruiser knowledge to share with us. Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, it was interesting to hear how they came to be in the Bahamas, and what home was like for them.

We gave thanks before dinner,  asking for safety wherever our travels took us in the future and being appreciative of our surroundings.  This was fitting, given the enormousness of God’s beauty surrounding us.  It was a wonderful meal with excellent company.

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