Sea Caves and Beaches

sugarbeachThe Mahi crew decided during our stay on Great Harbour Cay to rent a golf cart and visit the beaches around the island.  If you come here, we highly recommend this as some beautiful locations are too far away to dinghy or easily walk to.

We sent Joe off to the rental office to get a vehicle.  These rentals are not inexpensive, and for your money you obtain a rather dilapidated golf cart with cracked windshield, and highly questionable steering.  Such is the way of the islands, so you laugh and roar off towards the beaches going about 10 miles per hour.  Good times!

First stop- Sugar Beach.  Sugar Beach has miles and miles of white sand, turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.  Stunning location, and we swam in the waters while Ethan played in the sand and explored the shore.

I was able to obtain a good picture of Ethan on the shore:

ethanworld After an hour or so, we headed north in the golf cart to Sugar Beach Sea Cave.  This spot was spectacular, and the rising tide was low enough to snap a quick image from inside the cave.  This turned out to be one of my favorite pictures so far as I love the juxtaposition of the turquoise waters against the cave interior.

seacaveI also climbed a large rock to get a good view and perspective shot of the turquoise coast and the cave from the outside.  If you visit Great Harbour Cay, please do not miss this spot.  The cove and the cave are simply breathtaking!

sugarbeachcaveOur day was not finished.  After shopping for provisions in town, where Ethan was greeted by name numerous times by locals, we headed for Shark Creek Beach at low tide.  This place is perfect for shelling, plus Ethan loved the shallow depth.  It was like one big kiddie pool!


1917519_228274260857123_4778997878630130954_nI did have some time to collect shells here, plus found a sea fan.  I am a beachcomber at heart, so I collect sand, shells and sea glass wherever there is a beach.

All in all, we had a spectacular day!  Plan to rent a cart one more time before we leave this island.  Stay tuned as a weather window is opening up for us to sail to Soldier and Hoffman Cay area on Friday, then early next week sail on to new locations.  Internet may be hit or miss, so if you are following along, be sure to follow our FaceBook boat page.  There is a link on the right side or bottom of the page, depending on which viewing format you are using to read posts.

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