The Berry Islands Snorkeling 1

944862_222561994761683_2892450018421138304_nBeen having a blast now that the wind has shifted and settled down this week.  This means we can travel by dinghy without becoming airborne, snorkel, and just get out to see the beaches on the island and also visit nearby cays to snorkel.

Yesterday, we visited a blue hole by Rat Cay, Cistern Cay, and Bullocks Harbour Cay.  A blue hole is a section of the sea floor formed by a sink hole.  There is a much larger blue hole on nearby Hoffman’s Cay that we will be visiting in a couple of weeks, but we were curious to see this one.

starfishlookAlong the way we saw manta rays, sea turtles and star fish.  Here is Joe snorkeling around the blue hole, which is a deep blue color compared to the surrounding sea.

Ethan was entertained by viewing sea life via our “Look” bucket, which is a bucket with a Plexiglas bottom to see through.  I took a photo of a sea star as seen through the look bucket.

drugplaneGreat Harbour Cay apparently has a drug lord past in the early 1980’s, with an air strip, old drug houses, and a rather sensational drug plane crash just offshore, which you can snorkel over.  We saw a large variety of reef fish at the crash site, and was thoroughly interesting to visit.


Bob using his pole sling

Once finished with the crash site, we headed to the tip of Lignumvitae Cay, where we made another snorkel stop.  This was a wonderful snorkeling place, and we saw large schools of snapper, reef fish,  manta rays, and even a huge eel inside a cave.  Our dinghy friends, Bob and Lydia Adams of S/V C’est la Vie, also were able to successfully spear dinner, which they kindly shared with us later that evening.  It was tasty!

Here are other images of this day:



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