Survey, Sea Trial and Haul Out Day

Joe and I flew to Florida for the survey, sea trial, and haul out of the Taswell 43 we currently have a contract to buy.  This was our first survey, so we found it most interesting and fun.

IMG_6494We stayed at a nearby beach resort, mainly because it was close to the marina.  Still, we had killer views (balcony view on left) and whenever possible, I would beachcomb along the shore.

We met our surveyor, the selling broker, plus the broker’s hired captain (for the sea trial) at the boat just after 8 am.  The surveyor started with the engine and generator, both high ticket items.  You want your surveyor to do this because if the engine was a wreck and needed replacing, something that is costly and difficult, then you could place a halt on the survey and send everyone home.  Obviously, this did not happen as the engine on the Taswell had low hours and checked out just fine.

Next the surveyor went aloft to check the rigging and mast.  Finding a surveyor who will climb the mast is pretty rare.

IMG_1620Next, we motored over to the yard for the haul out.  The engine started up beautifully, and worked just fine.  The haul out was also interesting.  During all my previous yacht deliveries with my sister and Capt. Dave, I had seen boats get hauled out numerous times with various size travel lifts.  After much discussion as to the placement of the lift slings, the boat was removed from the water so the surveyor could inspect under the waterline.

11731815_10204747825675965_3147300821197195275_oAfter the haul out, we motored out to a deeper part of the bay and pulled out the sails.  This was the fun part!  I was down below with the surveyor, who did an excellent job educating us about the boat.  Meanwhile, Joe took the helm and got to see how she sailed.  Joe reported it was a fun boat to sail.

All-in-all, it was a very long, but fun day.  It helps that the seller’s broker is a very nice guy, and has been very helpful to us with information and referrals in the area.  The Captain and Surveyor were also very professional and good guys, plus the weather was great.

Now, the big question is will we move forward with this boat purchase?  Stay tuned!

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