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13177780_254621828222366_2723439572920559186_nOur boat, S/V Mahi, (former name Fortune Cookie) is a Taswell 43, currently located in the Southern Bahamas.   In February, 2016, we finished a major refit for extended cruising.    Here is a diagram of what our boat looks like:

Taswell 43
This cutter rig sailboat was designed by Bill Dixon and made by Ta Shing in 1992.

Taswell 43’s are safe, proven, offshore sailboats, with a floor plan that is most livable inside.  This is a center cockpit boat, and features a double bunk cabin forward (for Ethan) and an aft cabin with a center-line queen for Joe and I.

We will be the second owners of this vessel.   The first owners bought the boat new and took excellent care of her.  It was obvious that it had been lightly sailed, yet well maintained.  After my initial viewing, I called Joe and equated the boat to “a grandmother vintage car who only drove it to church on Sundays.


It has a beautiful interior teak and the photo above shows you part of our main salon.  Right now we have the small table on while we provision.  Here is the opposite view of our salon showing the bookcase, and TV.


There is also a larger table which lowers, for additional berth space for guests.

tas043s001_layoutThis photo, above, reveals the overall floor plan of the interior.

Here are photos of the Galley and Navigation Station:


Mahimaster_edited-1                       Ethanberth

Above images show you the aft master cabin and forward bunk cabin where Ethan sleeps.

Below photo shows you the new bottom paint completed in November, 2015.


Equipment Added in 2016, Interior- Our initial refit list was so long, I divided it into interior and exterior posts.

Equipment Added in 2016, Exterior- What we did in our first refit, exterior.

Equipment Added in 2017– This is what we changed during our 2017 refit.

Would love to hear from you.  If you have any detailed or technical questions about our Taswell 43, ask away!

8 thoughts on “Our Boat

  • Wow! what a brave adventure. I can’t wait for your posts along the way. What a once in a lifetime trip! Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Caroline! The forward cabin with the double bunk was a custom feature. As far as I know, we are the only Taswell 43 with the bunk set up. I use the top bunk to stow provisions.

  • We also have a Taswell 43 built in 1990 with a slightly different layout to yours. We have just discovered that we have leaks in 2 of our 3 water tanks. Have you had this problem? We do not have any detailed drawings of the shape of our tanks so getting these out of the boat and replacing them will be difficult.
    Do you know of a Taswell owners forum?
    Thank you in advance for any help with this.

    • Hi Hilary, no leaks in our tanks, but I did start a FB Group Taswell Owners back in 2015. Hope you can join us and ask there. Lots of great support and technical knowledge.

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