Spanish Wells

Our first stop in Eleuthra is Spanish Wells, a beautiful settlement filled with descendants of Eleutheran Adventurers and English loyalists during the American Revolutionary War.  This is a clean, friendly and picturesque island, filled with colorful, freshly painted houses and beautiful gardens.  Crime is non-existent. Golf carts fill the street as the primary form of […]

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Provisioning Mistakes

Since our current trip to the Bahamas was the first major provisioning opportunity for Mahi, I knew there would be a steep learning curve.  Mistakes would be made.  So, I decided to share what has not worked in order to help future cruisers. In preparation for leaving, I had read multiple books on how to […]

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One of the last steps you do before leaving the US on your sailboat is to provision.  Provisioning means you supply your boat with food, drink or the equipment you need for the journey. In this case, we plan to be cruising on Mahi, our Taswell 43, in the Bahamas for about 5 months before […]

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