Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!



A motorsail from Rudder Cut Cay to Georgetown was in order, so at high slack tide, we headed out the cut and into the Exuma Sound.  We entered Elizabeth Harbour and decided to anchor off of Monument Point.  We find a nice empty anchoring spot and then drop the hook and set it.  We look up to see that we have anchored next to SV Anania, a sister ship to Mahi, another Taswell 43.

SV Mahi and SV Anania- sister ships in Georgetown, Bahamas

Georgetown is a very social scene, and the final destination for many sailboats.  There is a morning net on the radio you listen to in order to find out what is happening.  Volleyball Beach is the hangout for kids starting at 2 pm.  It is a bit of a free range kidfest- with trees to climb and then swing out of,  Stingrays to swim with in the shallows, and people to meet.  We reconnected with buddy boats Serentity and Darwin, plus met many other wonderful kid boats here.

Monument Beach, Georgetown
Georgetown, Bahamas

Despite the many good kids on Volleyball Beach, we (and several other friends) noticed that two older kids were being unkind to Ethan.  We could never locate the parents, so we decided to head to Monument Beach and swim there instead.  This allowed us to meet up with a likeminded boat also enjoying this beach.   So refreshing to meet up with two really nice kids- Ouest and Lowe.  In talking to Ali, the mom,  I put two and two together- we had met up with the Bumfuzzle boat.  Back in the mid 2000’s, when Joe and I started planning our sail cruising adventure, they had the first cruising blog and later wrote two books about their circumnavigation and travels.  So great to meet up with them!

Ethan borrowing Ouest’s kayak on Monument Beach, Georgetown

During our time here in Georgetown, we attended a Emergency Medical Seminar, talked to other boats heading to the Dominican Republic, and participated in a Fundraiser for a Bahamian children’s home.  I decided to dig out some of my  beads and beading skills to donate some of my starfish pendants and a freeform beaded art bracelet for the auction.

Starfish beaded pendant by Carla Barrett
Freeform beaded bracelet by Carla Barrett

We also met another sailboat called Serenity- a monohull sailboat who were from Shingle Springs, CA, literally 10 miles from our home in California.  They had older kids on board, so became good friends to the Donolly’s on Serenity the catamaran.  Serenity the monohull later left Georgetown about the same time as us- they were rushing back to Florida and unfortunately hit a reef not too far from Chubb Cay.  Thankfully, all were rescued- 4 kids, 2 dogs and the mom and dad.  Sadly, they lost their home and belongings.   We do not know how they came to hit a reef, that is their story to tell.

After a week, the social intensity of Georgetown was making me feel a bit claustrophobic.  I prefer uncrowded anchorages.  So we said goodbye to all our friends and sailed to Long Island, Bahamas.

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