Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Cambridge, Black Point and Rudder Cut Cays

Cambridge, Black Point and Rudder Cut Cays

Heading across the Exuma Sound, my fishing attempts yielded a few nibbles, but sadly, no sushi for dinner.

Sunset at Cambridge Cay

First stop is Cambridge Cay inside the Land & Sea Park.  We pick up a mooring ball and enjoy the sunset from this beautiful location.

Friend boat SV Tao Pao, who we first met in Rock Sound, had never been to Rachel’s Bath, so we had a fun outing with them.  Rachel’s Bath is a natural jacuzzi and one of my favorite places in the Bahamas.

Rachel’s Bath on Compass Cay, Exumas
Ethan at Rachel’s Bath, a natural jacuzzi in the Exumas

Here are some additional reasons why this we love this place so much:

Stunning vista from Cambridge Cay hill


Bell Rock, Cambridge Cay


Captain Joe in the dinghy

After a quick stop at Black Point, where we met up with the Donnolly’s on SV Serenity, the catamaran, and enjoyed happy hour at Scorpio’s with new friends, MV Darwin, we were all ready to move on to Georgetown.  First, I needed to do some laundry at the priettiest laundromat in the Bahamas:

Reflection of Black Point anchorage outside the laundromat.
Sharks off the public dock at Black Point.

Leaving Black Point, we later anchored off of Cave Cay.   Mahi crew had a happy hour ashore meeting the three other cruising boats in this anchorage.  They talked about heading the next morning over to Rudder Cut Cay at high tide.  We were not sure that our boat draft would allow this, but since we shared the same draft as one of the boats, we decided to follow along.

SV Mahi at anchor off the beautiful turquoise shore of Rudder Cat Cay.

We were sure glad we changed our plans at the last minute as Rudder Cut Cay became one of our favorite places in the Exuma chain.  There are caves to check out, trails to hike, and it is but a short dinghy ride to visit David Copperfield’s underwater Mermaid on a piano sculpture.

Image of an underwater statue at Rudder Cut Cay consisting of a mermaid sitting at a piano.
David Cooperfield statue off of Rudder Cut Cay
Cave opening on Rudder Cut Cay

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