Beautiful Eleuthera

Beautiful Eleuthera

Next port of call is Spanish Wells in order to reprovision. The trip across from the Berry Islands to Northern Eleuthera was not fun for me. I somehow picked up a parasite or infection that laid me low for several weeks.

I pull myself together to help Joe dock Mahi at Yacht Haven, then disappear below for the next week.  Thanks to my friend, Frenchie, a retired Nurse-Practitioner, who gave me advice on how to treat my ailment.

Stunning pink beach in Spanish Wells 

Joe makes the decision to stay in the marina until I turn the corner and it becomes clear I do not need to use local medical care.  I finally rise from the dead, though still too sick to partake of Papa Scoops, the local ice cream place a few blocks from the marina.  That was a shame!

Here are a few more images from the stay:

Turquoise waters peeking through in Spanish Wells
Visit to the History Museum
Goats can be found all over the island.
Joe and Ethan watching a kite surfer in the distance.

Feeling a bit better,  Mahi takes off from the marina and head towards Current Cut.

Current Cut is a very narrow cut that you have to time just right or you will find yourself in potential danger.  We anchor just outside the cut to wait until slack tide the next morning.

Beach view at the Potlatch Club

Once safely through Current Cut in the morning, we sail for the Pineapple Cays.   Plan is for a night’s stay here at anchor before arriving to Rock Sound, Eleuthera.   This is a very pretty anchorage where we always see dolphin.  This trip does not disappoint.

Rock Sound is a nice settlement to rent a car, use a local laundromat,  and tour the rest of  Eleuthera.  We first plan to visit Hans in Governor’s Harbour.  Hans is restoring the old Potlatch Club, bringing it back to its former glory.  It is a stunning piece of property!

Mahi anchored in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

Once we have met Hans for brunch and seen his incredible progress in the last 8 months, it is time to see other parts of the island.  On my list, much to Joe’s annoyance, is a visit to the old deserted, Naval Base near Alabaster Bay.  I am on the hunt for Nickernut Seed Pods.

By now, many of my blog readers and friends know I am a passionate beachcomber.  I collect sea glass, shells, sea beans and ever some plastic found on the shores.  Nickernuts are a kind of drift sea bean, and rumor was this old Naval Base had some growing.  Ethan and Joe ended up finding the vines for me, so much for my hunting skills.

Nickernut Pods and Seeds

Waiting for a weather window to sail to the Exuma chain next.

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