Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Bimini to GHC

Bimini to GHC

Now that we have checked into the Bahamas at Bimini, our PredictWind weather routing software is showing us that a sizeable front is on the way.   Joe and I really do not wish to get stuck in Bimini.  We would rather wait out the bad weather in the Berry Islands at Great Harbour Cay (GHC), our summer Hurricane spot for the last 3 summers.

Lovely Sail at Sunset

The sailing distance is a little more than can be done in a single day passage, so we decide to pull another overnighter.   Joe and I love overnight sails, especially when you can turn off the engine and travel under sails alone.

We have two friend boats along for the fun-  the first is SV Serenity, a catamaran traveling the American Great Loop- with a side trip to the Bahamas.  Jim, Jan and son, AJ became good friends this year, and we already miss them.  Be sure to check out their blog!  Jim writes in a seriously funny, irreverant style.

Last Call close encounter with a cargo ship!

The second boat along for the overnight sail is SV Last Call.  You might remember Last Call from A previous post where they narrowly missed being flattened by a very large tanker.  Last Call has Peter and Mary on board.  This boat is notable for only having one jib sheet, no chartplotter and lots of chutzpah for sailing old school with no safety equipment.

Getting out of the marina was a bit challenging due to a very large catamaran they parked next to us, combined with the tidal current and wind.   Serenity crew acted as our impromptu bow thruster using their dinghy.  Tricky, but we made it with their help.  Thanks, Serenity!

Of course, as soon as Mahi leaves Bimini, we hit fog.  Not a problem for us,  but we slow way down so Last Call can visually see us.  It would  not be good for them to run aground.

After the fog lifted, it was time for a squall.  Serenity radioed us ahead to inform us a nasty squall would overtake us, so we double reefed our sails.  I like to think of squalls as free washdown.  Serenity was not so impressed, they wrote about their squall experience and thier passage HERE.   Serenity even took video footage of the squall.  Worse, they left a hatch open on deck.  Oops.

Sunrise on passage to GHC

In spite of the squall, we had a lovely night sail.    Our goal was to show up at Great Harbour Cay Marina in the morning, which we dd.  Joe, Ethan and I happen to have lots of friends on this island and in the marina, so it was wonderful to show back up after our trip to Florida back in early November.

Entering the Cut at Great Harbour Cay

We were a bit tired from the overnight sail, but happy to enter our Bahamian home port and dock.  Now to wait out the weather.

Beach Club Bay, GHC
Beautiful Turquoise beach on GHC


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