Cristol on SV Delayed Gratification

Cristol on SV Delayed Gratification

We first met Jeff and Cristol Morgan on SV Delayed Gratification when we literally bumped into them during a nasty storm in the middle of the night during our second year of cruising.  What a way to meet new friends, we laughed about later!   After this, Jeff and Cristol traveled by sailboat to the Dominican Republic, and fell in love with the island and its people.   They had decided to stay here and make it their home- along with their sweet little dogs.

Cristol and Jeff cruising before her accident.

Fast forward to late June 22, 2018.  Jeff was back in the US and during his absence, Cristol accepted a ride from a fellow sailboat cruiser in his 4-wheel vehicle in the Luperon area.  Somehow, the vehicle flipped on a steep driveway, severely injuring the driver (he later died on July 4th) and paralyzing Cristol at the C5/6 level.  There is also damage to her C2 and 3 level, causing breathing issues.   Cristol is in ICU in Santiago and has had several surgeries to stabilize her spine and place a tracheotomy to help with breathing.

Cristol and Jeff are people of faith, so are taking each day with prayer and faith in God.  They have no health coverage, so the surgeries and ICU stay is finacially on them.   So far, friends and family have raised over $14000 US, which has helped with the first few surgeries and part of the ICU stay.   She will need more surgeries and extensive therapies to help her regain use of her arms.

Cristol and Jeff before her accident

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people, and to people we meet in our travels.  These are wonderful people and we consider them our friends.    If you read this and care, consider one of the following:  Donating any amount to their PayPal or  GoFund page , sharing their plight on social media, or lastly, if you are a cruiser heading to visit the DR in your boat, consider contacting Jeff to ask if he needs anything.    Thank you for caring about our friends.



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