Florida Refit is Complete!

Florida Refit is Complete!

I am pleased to announce that we recently completed our second major boat refit for SV Mahi a few days before Christmas.   What did we do this time around?  More importantly, why?

Here is a list of the jobs we completed.

Mahi being hauled out at Playboy Marine.

1) Haul Out- We hauled out at Playboy Marine near Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  We trust Leandro, owner of Patagonia Services, to do a great job with the needed work.

PropSpeed on our prop and shaft, plus new zincs.

We refreshed our bottom paint- which is black Petit Trinidad SR, did some minor fiberglass work, added a new throughull (for the new refrigeration system) and refreshed our PropSpeed and new zincs.  Most of these were routine maintenance, with the exception of the new throughull.   Here is Mahi when we splashed back into the water:

Work done, Mahi heads back to water.

2) Frigoboat Conversion- Joe ripped out our original Grunert AC Fridge/Freezer and installed the 12v Frigoboat system.  This actually increased the space capacity for both fridge and freezer, due to the removal of the cold plates.  Additionally, a 12- volt system is more energy efficient overall from a power consumption standpoint.  This is a keel cooled system and a huge improvement for our Taswell 43.

3) New AGM Batteries- our old batteries were on its last legs, so we replaced the two large 8D AGM with  3 large AGM batteries on the house side.  For the start batteries,  we replaced the two older ones with two Group 27s. Replacing the batteries was important to do, especially to assist with the solar installation we planned to do.

4) New Anchor and Chain- we went up a size and added a Rocna 33kg anchor with 250 BBB all chain rode, followed by another 100 feet of nylon rode. A nice eye splice allows the rode transition to fit through our narrow Haus pipe.

The reason for doing this has to do with our experience at Royal Island last season.  You may read about our experience here. 

I will sleep better at night knowing we upsized our anchor and chain.  We also wanted a longer set up for deeper anchorages in the Pacific.

5) New Faucets- we replaced all the faucets on the boat.  I am so happy about this from a cosmetic, visual and functional reason.  See why:

Love my new Galley faucet!

6) New Garmin Anemometer- This one required that someone install it on top of the mast. Our rigger had a family emergency,  I am not good with wiring, and Joe doesn’t love heights, so a new friend, Craig, came to our rescue!  Plus, we got some seriously cool photos at the same time.  Thank you, Craig!

Mahi as seen from top of mast
View of Las Olas Mooring field, Ft.Lauderdale

We added the anemometer to the top of the mast, replacing the older one, incorporating it into our Garmin Chartplotter.  This simplified the need for additional dials, so older equipment was removed, along with wiring.

7) New SunPower Solar Panels-  Adding on solar meant traveling down to Marathon in the Florida Keys.  This was a three day trip from Ft Lauderdale, dodging crab pots as we traveled.

The person we trusted to help us with the installation was located in Marathon- a young man named Alex Miller, who had lost his own boat in Hurricane Irma.  Alex came highly recommended from cruising friends.

Here are some great images from our travels to Marathon:

Anchorage sunset view in Biscayne Bay near Miami
Indian Key anchorage sunset view on the way to Marathon

Once we arrived, We spoke with Alex at SeaTek and within a couple of days, he had the solar installation complete!  To say we love it is an understatement! This means no running the generator unless we have a rainy day.

Here is Alex and Don delivering the panels to our boat:

Sea Tek crew with Mahi’s solar panels.

and the final installation:

Bimini installation of solar for Mahi

Now that the refit is complete, we are waiting for a weather window to travel back to the Bahamas.  The refit improved our overall livability on board and as we cruise.

Moon sunset view of neighboring boats in Marathon.

Happy 2018!  Can’t wait to see what this year brings.


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