Trip To Florida

Trip To Florida

After waiting for a favorable weather window, Joe and I decided that motor sailing from Great Harbour Cay back to Florida without stopping was the way to go.

We left the marina at 2 pm, and threaded the narrow entrance cut to head across the bank.

The trip across the bank was magical.  Water was flat, we had a beautiful setting sun and red rising moon.  Ethan especially could not get enough of the Milky Way and all the stars.

Wish we had enough wind to sail.  The full moon reflecting on the water was beautiful.  The only traffic we saw on the bank was a fishing fleet hard at work.

Joe and I stood 5 hour watches, so my turn was 8 pm to 1 am.  I awoke at 6 am to find that we were crossing the Gulf Stream and dodging shipping traffic. Here is an example:


Conditions were here great for crossing back to FL, and later in the morning we joined by some dolphins.

We had a wonderful trip back to the US.  Checking back in was easy using the Local Boaters Option through the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) website.  You fill out paperwork, make an appointment and take a list of ID and other items, visit your CBP office and obtain your approval.  All Joe needed to do was phone the CBP and answer a few questions.  We also filed a float plan through their website, too.

Next up- Ft Lauderdale haul out and refit.  Stay tuned!

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