Irma Update and Relief Effort

Irma Update and Relief Effort

So happy to report that Irma went south and west when it made that right northerly turn, so the impact on Joe and everyone at Great Harbour Cay was minimal.  They did have 3 days of 60 knot winds, but that was all.

Above is the video shot and sent me showing our sailboat in her slip.  Rumor has it Joe won the marina award for most lines.  That is an award we will gladly accept!

Of course, our relief at Irma heading south and west was tempered by the devastation reported in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Maarten and Neighboring Islands, Florida Keys and South Florida.  Our hearts go out to our many cruising and landbased friends affected by this horrible storm.

If you happen to love the British Virgin Islands, as we do, they suffered 90% destruction.  That means 90% of the Charter Fleet, homes on land and sea, restaurants,  and pretty much everything is destroyed.

Photo from social media showing the charter fleet hurricane destruction on Tortola, BVI

As you can see in this one image on the right, immediate and long term help will be needed to recover and rebuild.

What Can I Do to Help?

Here is the Windtraveler Crowdsourcing Fund that we donated to- and is reliable.  100% of any donation will help those affected with tarps, medicine, water, food and rebuilding- both immediate and longer term needs.   We trust Brittany and Scott from the Windtraveler blog.  They lost their home, their business, pretty much everything, but are dedicated to helping others.  They have our admiration!

Behan Gifford, from S/V Totem has written an excellent post about how people can help, too.  Sailors Helping is a new group dedicated to making a positive change- boat by boat.    Collectively, everyone can make a difference!

Watching Future Hurricanes

As I write this, Joe has just arrived back home to California and we are now watching a new system on our Predictwind forecast modeling software.  Early predictions suggest this may pass over Hispanola, Turks & Caicos and then the Bahamas before hitting the US coast.  We will follow the forecasttracks over the next few days and make a decision about whether I fly out this time to the Bahamas or not.


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