Final Irma Preparation

Final Irma Preparation
Shelling Beach, Great Harbour Cay

A taste of the beautiful scenery on Great Harbour Cay.  Joe arrived last night to the Bahamas, jet-lagged from several flights, including a red eye one out of Sacramento, California.   His job is to finish prepping the boat and to seek safe shelter  on this beautiful island in the Berry Islands.  Here is another reason why we love this place and the friends we have made here.


First thing this morning, Joe needed to move Mahi out of her usual hurricane double slip to a different one.  The reason for this was a sailboat who arrived in the last half week into the slip next to us.  It became clear that there was a potential rigging conflict between the two boats, so rather than risk any possible damage to either boat, Joe and the marina manager found him a double slip further down.

Now Joe is busy using our lines to secure our boat according to our hurricane dock line plan, which looks like this:

We also document our storm preparation ahead of time.  Joe sent me this photo (shown below) right after he added lines to the port side of the boat.  He is now working on the starboard lines, then tomorrow morning, he will pull MAHI into the middle of the slip and adjust all the lines just so to account for surge and windage.

Joe Barrett working on dock line hurricane prep for Irma

Besides Hurricane Irma, we are carefully watching Hurricane Jose and the system stacked up right behind Jose.  Our  Predictwind weather modeling software reveal potential risk for all three storms over the next week and a half, but it is hard to forecast accurately that far in advance.  With storms such as Irma or Jose, you have to take the storm track day by day and prepare as if you are getting a direct eyewall hit.

Hearts and prayers go out to everyone already impacted by this massive hurricane.  Seeing the damage in the British Virgin Islands, a place we chartered at a half dozen times before purchasing MAHI, has been sobering.

Will be updating the blog throughout Hurricane Irma,  and as Joe gets information to me.  He will be hunkered down on land with our good friends on M/Y Largo, Jay and Karen, and also Gary on S/V Visitant, too.


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