Here Comes Hurricane Irma!

Here Comes Hurricane Irma!

MAHI is currently at Great Harbour Cay Marina, in the Berry Islands, Bahamas.  Joe is flying out with new lines and to finish last minute Named Storm prep for our boat ahead of Hurricane Irma.  The map shown above shows you where our boat is in relation to the storm.

Mahi getting ready for the Hurricane Matthew.

If you are following our blog or on Facebook, you know that MAHI went through Hurricane Matthew last October when it was a Catagory 4 hurricane.    Great Harbour Cay is a terrific hurricane hole, and we have many friends in the marina and on the island.  We are hoping and praying that Irma turns out to sea instead of hitting the Bahamas or the US mainland.

Stay tuned!

9/4/17 Update- Here is the Euro weather model from our Predictwind account showing  an updated forecast from this morning.

The GFS Weather modeling software shows Hurricane Irma heading slightly west of The Berry Islands and hitting  Eastern FL.


Regardless of where this major storm goes, anyone in its path please prepare your hurricane plan!

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Hurricane Irma!”

  • I agree with all of this too. A good hurricane hole can be an invaluable resource when a large storm is pressing. However, do not be misguided. If a Category 4 or 5 storm hits directly, no marina will be safe.

    • Matthew, last October, our boat survived Matthew a few miles east of the eye when it was a Cat. 4 while at Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands. A Cat 5, might as well write off the boat no matter which hurricane hole you are in. Such a sad year for all those affected!

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