2017 Refit For MAHI

2017 Refit For MAHI

Joe and I are getting ready to plan and schedule the next chapter in boat ownership- our second major refit!  This fall, we will sail the boat back to Florida from our hurricane season home port at Great Harbour Cay in the Bahamas  (shown above).   We will need  to improve power management on our boat, as well as complete several routine maintenance items.  Part of the refit will require a haul out, too.

Here is our list, along with the reason why we are adding or changing an item:

Solar panels- we enjoy solar on our home in California, which we added after we built our  home about 9 years ago.  Adding solar to the boat makes perfect sense.  Our main goal is to minimize how often we need to run our generator.  So,  installing solar panels, controller and hardware, will be part of a larger power strategy for our boat.

Batteries- Time to change out the very large and heavy AGM batteries, also our starter batteries.   All are due to be replaced as standard maintenance.   It makes sense to do this at the same time we add on the solar.

Fridge and Freezer are to the right on the stove.

New Refrigeration System-  Our current refrigerator and freezer work just fine, but they are AC power hogs.  We currently have to run the generator 1-2 hours per day to keep things cold.  Not fun when you are living at anchor.  Our generator is quiet and other boats do not hear it, but it is very loud down below.

We plan to replace it with a Fidgoboat 12 volt Refridgerator/Freezer set up.  This is more economical when it comes to power management over the AC units we currently have.

The above changes will allow us to only need to run our generator  whenever we need to make water with our Rainman Watermaker.  This is excellent, and will improve the quality of life aboard.   I cannot wait!

The next changes are routine maintenance, too.  The old teak in the cockpit is well past its prime, so time to remove.  We will likely replace with fiberglass.

The sailboat needs another bottom job- we will likely use the same paint we did the last time- Petit Trinidad SR.    There are a few spots on the hull that needs attention, so that will be completed, too.

You can see the wood toe rail if you look closely.

I need to refinish the toe rail, so will work on that after the refit gets done.  That one is a DIY job.  I will also arrange servicing our fire estinguishers while we are in Florida as well.

If all goes as expected, this will be our last stop in the lower 48 United States for many years ahead.  So we need to stock up on provisions and boat supplies to last us awhile.

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