2016/2017 Cruising Pictures- Part 2

2016/2017 Cruising Pictures- Part 2

Now that we have concluded our second season in the Bahamas, I thought I would share some of my favorite shots taken with either my iPhone or my Canon camera.   This is Part 2 in a series, Part 1 is here.   Hope you enjoy them!

Above is a famous swimming pig from Staniel Cay.  It is actually pretty challenging to get them to swim, it took several trips and a large bag of table scraps before I was able to coax this guy into the water and to swim for my camera.  These pigs are no dummies, usually the tourists will go ashore and feed them by hand.  Why work if you don’t have to?

This was a sunrise picture from the Royal Island anchorage, Eleuthera.  Yes, the colors were that stunning!  This image was of a neighboring boat named S/V Jalu.

We often will rent a car so we may tour an island.  We were shelling at Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera, and drove past this Lichtenstein inspired mural.  Perfect!  Rolled down my window to get the shot.


The sailboat wreck shown above, is located near Black Point in the Exumas.  We first came on to it last season when it was a new wreck with lots of equipment on board.  Now it has been pretty well stripped.  The back story is that the owner ran into trouble with the Bahamian authorities over a non-declared firearm, so he was arrested and deported.

The above location is at the Shelling Beach at Shark Creek on Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands.   We like to come here at low tide to shell, or at high tide to dinghy through the mangrove trees.  It is beautiful!

Another picture from Great Harbour Cay, this one was taken by the caves, a pretty location to visit on the island.

Here is a nice image taken from inside the cave looking out towards the stunning turquoise waters.  The man in the center is Jamie Gifford, from S/V TOTEM.   Jamie and Behan are circumnavigating on their Stevens 47 sailboat and now are consultants to people wanting to find their own cruising dream.

Ethan is taking full advantage of the recliner to relax and enjoy himself at The Sand Bar on Russel Island near Spanish Wells.  We enjoy coming here for lunch by golf cart.

This was our dawn view at sea right after a storm.  I had to dodge the waterspout, then ran to grab the camera.   In this shot, if you look closely, you can see the weakening waterspout.   Mother Nature is beautiful, even after a storm.



This final picture was taken by my fishing mates.  I caught this tuna and then made sushi for dinner.  Yum!  People usually ask Joe if he wants to go fishing, and he will reply that Carla is the fishing person on our boat.

I usually troll off the back of the boat on passages using a Cuban reel with a squirted squid lure or a cedar plug.   I dispatch the fish (vodka in the gills) and fillet the fish, too.   Also have some pole spears on the boat, too.

Hope you have enjoyed our pictures from our last year.  We are looking forward to this coming season and the people we will meet and places we will see.



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  • All pictures make this flat lander droole but Loved the picture of sunrise. Sunsets and sunrises are my weakness. Something about the beginning and ending of s day on the water close to God’s beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more.

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