Our 2016/2017 Cruising Year in Pictures- Part 1

Our 2016/2017 Cruising Year in Pictures- Part 1

Season two photos from our travels on board the sailboat, MAHI.  These are some of the things you often see when you take off for tropical beaches and travel from island to island.

I do love to capture images as we travel using my Canon camera or more frequently, on my iPhone.  Below are a few of my favorite pictures from this past year.  Well, at least part 1!

MAHI anchored in Alabaster Bay, Eleuthera.  We like to anchor here, then rent a car from a building across the street to tour the island. Doing this allows us to visit places and beaches on this stunningly beautiful island.

Potlatch Club Beach near Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera.  This property is owned by our friend, Hans, who is restoring this historic resort.  Looking forward to visiting his resort when it is done.

Sunrise view of Royal Island, Eleuthera anchorage.  This picture was one of those magical moments.  I woke up and looked out the stern porthole next to my head, then grabbed my camera to capture the sunrise.  Beautiful!

MAHI is sailing across the Northeast Providence Channel under reduced sails due to storm clouds ahead.  Photo was taken by Paula Shur on  S/V ISLAND TIME.  I love all the shades of blue in this image.

Who doesn’t love stumbling onto a 6 foot tall rubber duckie float as you walk along the shore?  Taken in Treasure Cay, Abacos.

Little Harbor, Abacos.  Love that someone decided to carve an old buoy into a totem.  I wish I had thought of that!


Little Harbor, Abacos.  I really liked this umbrella shot of the harbor.  Right after I took it, boats started filling the harbor for lunch ashore.

Our dinghy and boat moored in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, at French Leave Resort.  We enjoyed our stay here to provision, wait out a storm, and allow Ethan to have some kid time ashore at the pool.

What little boy isn’t fascinated by a beach bonfire?  Ethan really enjoyed this night at Treasure Cay in the Abacos.  Of course, what you can’t hear is a worried mom telling him to stay back from the fire.  LOL

I learned that sea grapes are edible and tasty when they are ripe.  Loved how saturated the color of the sky was next to the bright green of the sea grapes found in the Abacos.

Photo by Hans Febles of Captain Joe and I (Carla) on his beach near Tippy’s Bar, Eleuthera.  I am usually the one behind the camera, so a photo of me is pretty rare.

Will be following up with more photos later.  Stay tuned!

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