Flew Back To Mahi

Flew Back To Mahi

With the end of hurricane season,  Captain Joe, Ethan and I flew from California to the Bahamas to rejoin our sailboat.  We had a brief stop in Florida to see family and friends, then on to Nassau, and finally the small commuter flight to Great Harbour Cay in The Berry Islands.It is good to be back on our boat home.

We traveled with 6 large bags, plus 3 backpacks and a camera bag.  We needed to bring lots of boat parts and spares, Ethan’s school books and materials, Christmas gifts, all those dehydrated food, and other essentials.  It adds up quickly.

Thanks to the wonderful Karen and Jay Campbell, who so thoughtfully looked after Mahi in our absence. You meet the best boating friends while cruising.  Jay and Karen are talented photojournalists and all around incredible people!  Can’t say enough nice things about them.  We are most appreciative for all their help!

In Florida, we stopped by Happyland School, where Ethan attended preschool during our refit.  Ethan got to see Miss Amy, his former teacher, and some of his old friends that are now in kindergarten. They ran and hugged him, it was so sweet!

On our way to Nassau, we stopped in to the Ft Lauderdale Airport Starbucks to get  Ethan a chocolate milk.  A friendly Southwest Airlines employee bought Ethan’s drink for him as a random act of kindness!  Proof positive that people are good!

We were exhausted once we arrived back to Mahi, but it felt great to be back in paradise!  Here is the sunrise that greeted us in the marina the next morning when we awoke:

Now it is time to prepare for Christmas!

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