Update # 5-Post Matthew

Update # 5-Post Matthew

14591777_1327534303958166_3927972187121079550_nCommunications to Great Harbour Cay are still down, and text messages from Joe have been hit and miss the last few days.  From what I have read from various sources,  the eye came within 12 miles of GHC, as you can see if the image above.

All people on the island are fine, including the marina group where Joe was at.  Boats at GHC marina fared very well in this hurricane hole in that all boats were floating post storm.  2 boats sustained some damage (though are repairable), however, no news beyond that detail.  Homes and trees were damaged, and debris is scattered all over.  One person with a home on Sugar Beach wrote me that his gazebo is gone and his home has missing roof tiles.

Because cell and internet are down, it is very hard to get word about individual homes, boats and details from the island.  A few people have sat phones, or sat text devices, so information is usually second hand.


The people and community on Great Harbour Cay will clean up and rebuild.  They do not have the resources  or help we enjoy here in the US.   The Bahamian government in Nassau will most likely focus their relief efforts in Nassau and Freeport, leaving outlying islands to cope for themselves.

Shark Creek on Great Harbour Cay

sugarbeachcaveThere are many people who live part time on Great Harbour Cay, either in a home or by boat, who love the island.  There are also the thousands of visitors to GHC over the years, who rent a home for a week, or visit for a time in the marina.  You cannot help but fall in love with this beautiful island and the wonderful people there.  We want to help the island recover, but do not yet know what we can do.  In the coming weeks,  more will become known about the need on the island and how we can help.


Our sailboat, Mahi, did remarkably well, especially when you realize it took an almost direct hit from a then Category 4 Matthew.  We left the canvas helm cover on during the hurricane to help protect the helm station and electronic connections.  That will need to be fixed, but that is all.  We are very fortunate.

Here is the video Joe shot and sent me just before the storm, which shows you Mahi in the double slip just.  I shared this video previously in an earlier update.  At the time, Joe wished we had more chafe protection, but what we had was ended up being fine.


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