Update #4 Hurricane Matthew

Update #4 Hurricane Matthew


The satellite image shown above provides an idea for where The Berry Island chain is located relative to Hurricane Matthew.  As I type this, the group is getting the worst of it.  Haven’t received an update for about an hour, but as soon as I do, I will edit this report.

Joe texted me through his inReach SE device to let me know they lost cell, which was expected.   An hour ago, when I heard from him last, everyone was fine.  The winds had increased significantly from shown in past videos and had clocked around to the SW.

Stay tuned….

Have not heard from Joe in well over 2 hours.  I can only surmise that satellite text capability is negatively affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Recent tracking info show the eye just south west of GHC, which means they are located in the right front quadrant.  Here is a current view of the hurricane by viewing data from an app Windy:14572685_1558308150861643_1984375662_o-1—-14551058_1558308174194974_1695771755_o-1

Will update just as soon as I hear something!  Stay tuned!

Update: finally heard from Joe a couple of times that all are ok.  Winds are still high, but the worst has past.  All seems well in that no mention of boats in danger.  He said he could see Mahi from a distance and our boat looked ok.

Closer inspections will follow, I am sure.  No cell service on the island, I am hearing from loved ones and friends.  Given the strength of this storm, it sure could have been much worse.

14585729_1558265740865884_1129685191_oSome models are showing a potential for Matthew to loop back around to the Bahamas again.  Not sure how much faith I place in that, but if true, we are all prepared.

Will add a new update after Joe is able to inspect MAHI.  Best news is that everyone in the group is OK!



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