Update #2 Hurricane Matthew

Update #2 Hurricane Matthew

Last night, I spoke with Joe briefly.  He was able to take a break from the outer bands of the hurricane slowing approaching the beautiful island at Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands and check on the boats, which were all OK.  here are the two pictures he snapped:


Above shows MAHI before dusk, safely in her slip. Next image is of PURA VIDA, LARGO and MAHI’s mast in a row awaiting the storm.


Joe mentioned that chef Cynthia on PURA VIDA made the group an excellent meal.  Spirits in the group were upbeat and positive.

Jay Campbell reported on Facebook that, “All: we are grateful for your kindness. At 3 AM, the wind moans, treetops are lashed and whipped with rain. Nothing is breaking yet. We see our boats outlined by marina lights below. They sway and rock, but do not yet pitch and strain against the lines.
Power still on for the island. Our generators are primed and ready. We will run the refrigerator, charging station, probably some fans. We have set buckets of water to gravity-flush toilets when the pumps fail. My fellow unboated cruisers are sleeping, it’s quiet. Plenty of good attitude, strong drink and hot food, ready and waiting for the sun’s turn. Marina Master Steven Johnson at Great Harbour Cay Marina has been a steady center to this storm. He has now taken shelter in another marina condo. We are ready!”

Weather should get progressively worse as daybreak approaches in the Bahamas.   I will report Update #3 as things develop.   Regards, Carla (who is safe in California with Ethan).


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  • Prayers and fingers crossed for everyone. Even my brother, sil and kids are having to evacuate. They live just outside Savannah.

    My cousin who lives in Marathon said that lucky for them, they aren’t going to get much.

    Thanks for the updates Carla and Joe. Keep safe Joe!

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