Update #1 Hurricane Matthew

Update #1 Hurricane Matthew

14463206_332749423742939_1208854261107618495_nThought I would write a series of updates over the next few days.  Joe and our sailboat, MAHI, are currently located in the Bahamas, with Hurricane Matthew expected to pass directly over Great Harbour Cay and the Berry Islands.

First off, I just got off the phone with Joe while they still have cell service on the island.  They are safely hunkered down in the condo by the marina now, windows boarded up to protect from flying debris.  He will be texting me through the storm using an inReach SE device, which allows for 2 way communication via text and a personal locator beacon.

This picture was taken last night at GHC Marina.  Note that many adjustments were made to the lines in the image below once MAHI was pulled to the middle of the slip.

Calm Before the Storm
Calm Before the Storm

Joe is at the marina with a wonderful group of friends- Jay Campbell from M/Y LARGO, who is an amazing photojournalist with Passagemaker Magazine.  Jay’s wife, Karen Campbell, is currently in the US right now, though LARGO is their full time home.  Troy and Cynthia Cusack, who own M/Y PURA VIDA, are from Ontario, Canada.  Cynthia is an amazing chef, I am forever begging her to make some jerk chicken.  Melanie and Gary from S/V VISITANT with their 4 sweet dogs are also there.  Bob Watson, from the catamaran, CATEGORY 1, is a talented musician from Nashville.  Working closely with them is Steven Johnson, the marina/island manager, who is a great guy.

Glenn, who owns the catamaran, BAILANDO, is stateside, awaiting the fate of his boat.  Glenn, Joe wanted me to let you know that Steven was adding more lines to your boat this morning.  Everything is ready with your boat storm prep, I believe.  Joe will take photos of your boat, when he can.

Here is a pre-hurricane photo of the marina while the boats were being prepared.  I added the lettering to a wonderful drone shot borrowed from Great Harbour Cay Life Facebook page.  I would love to credit the photographer, so will update when I know:


Let’s talk about storm prep.  The reality is that it takes far longer than you think it will.  Joe shot this video today showing how he tied up MAHI and how he wishes we had brought more chafe protection for our 18 lines.  At this point, it is what it is, you follow your storm plan, and then work from there.

Here are some photos taken around the marina of the hurricane prep.  First up- MAHI, with LARGO in the background, with PURA VIDA peeking out on the left:

Mahi getting ready for the storm
Mahi getting ready for the storm

MAHI  using shrink wrap tape and chafe protection to prepare for Hurricane Matthew:


chafechaulk shrinkwrap chafeprotection

S/V VISITANT before the storm:


CATEGORY 1 getting their boat ready:



In this next one, you can see M/Y POOR OLD HARRY,  which belongs to Robin, a friend of ours.  Plus you can see the bows of CATEGORY 1 and VISITANT.


Not sure who owns this sailboat, but it is next to POOR OLD HARRY:


This last video is the view from the condo, where everyone is staying.  The audio is just people talking in the background.   Some weather, just a taste of what is to come in the days ahead:


5 thoughts on “Update #1 Hurricane Matthew”

  • Praying for everyone in the path of this slow monster!! Thank you for the updates…I’m watching here, your other blog and facebook as well as trying to keep up with the weather service. So glad Joe was able to down and secure Mahi…praying she holds with no damage…same for all the boats of your dear friends!!

  • Hey guys. This is Glenn with the catamaran Bailando. Thanks for the update on my baby. Love the info, pics, video! Looking forward to another update on how we all came thru!!!

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