Preparing For Hurricane Matthew

Preparing For Hurricane Matthew

14570444_10154428216667367_4065792484605496192_nJoe is now in the Bahamas, overseeing the final preparations to our sailboat, MAHI, before Hurricane Matthew arrives.  We are crossing our fingers that this storm loses strength and/or moves out to sea to the east.  At the time of this writing, Matthew is a Catagory 4 strength hurricane.

14572950_1452829981397989_7553734743735961692_nOk, I will admit to being worried.  Really worried.  The latest models show that it will still be a major hurricane when it hits the Bahamas.  Worse, the new westerly trend is pushing the eye closer to Great Harbour Cay.   In the model map at the top, MAHI is very close to the “2 PM  Thursday M” symbol.

Great Harbour Cay is a well known hurricane hole in the Bahamas.  Thus said, this is a very strong hurricane.  I am worried about the safety of Joe, our friends there, the people on GHC and other islands in the Bahamas.  Also on my mind is how our boat will fare-  our friends boats and homes?  However, boats and homes are “things.”  People and lives come first in the grand scheme.

A very nice person donated the use of their concrete structure, a condo, which the plan is for our marina group to hunker down inside that place.  The guys are boarding up the windows, and I am sure the group will stock it with water and food.  Everyone at the GHC Marina is working together to secure all the boats and look out for each other.

Meanwhile, Joe is working to prepare the boat according to our Hurricane plan.  He took out some more storm lines and chafe guards, but the bag was lost by LeAir Airlines.  Fortunately, that bag has finally been found and will arrive shortly.

inreachse_m01If you would like to know what happens, I will post updates on our Facebook SV MAHI Boat page.  I have a link on the right sidebar (laptop screens) or on the bottom (smart phones) to our FB link, or you could click HERE.  Joe has a DeLorme inReach SE device with him so when power and cell goes out, he can still text me updates.


4 thoughts on “Preparing For Hurricane Matthew”

  • Thinking about you guys today.
    Mahi is a stout boat. Made it through hurricane Charlie in ’04 and it was cat 4.

    Hurricane track forecasts mostly get revised to the east. Hopefully that will happen this time. If not you are well prepared and in a good place. Secure the boat then hunker down someplace safe, above the storm surge. If there is room to take up two slips that works well. Longer dock lines with more scope. I used to put out breast lines sometimes.

    You will be in our thoughts and prayers!

    • Thank you, Cecil, for your words of wisdom and hope! Yes, we have a large double slip all to ourselves, plus lots of new storm lines. We are hoping the boat doesn’t get a direct hit and the storm moves east. It is a great boat- strong and true. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Say hello to MaryAnne!

  • I have a catamaran at GHC too, name BAILANDO. I’ll be checking your blog for updates. I want to see a report like… “no boats in this marina saw any damage”.
    Ok? 😊

    • Glenn, would be happy to let you know how BAILANDO fares. If I remember correctly, your cat is between the office and PURA VIDA? At a meeting today, a local resident reminded everyone that no previous hurricanes had sunk any boats. Will be in communication with Joe during the hurricane. Are you on Facebook?

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