Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Watching Hurricane Matthew

Watching Hurricane Matthew

14485077_1171079676290844_4470250837888990308_nLiving in California, we are used to things like earthquakes and forest fires.  Hurricanes, not so much.  Having our MAHI at Great Harbour Cay in the Bahamas this summer comes with the risk of encountering a very large hurricane.

Well, if the weather gurus have it right, our boat is about to encounter a very strong hurricane next week called Hurricane Matthew.  Some predictions have this as a category 2 or 3 hurricane.

Our initial plan was to fly me to MAHI in the case of any named storm.  Joe didn’t want me in the way of a major hurricane, so he is instead heading back out himself to ensure the boat is prepared and secured according to our hurricane plan.  He will be flying with several new lines to assist in all the dock lines we already have.

Meanwhile,  we pack boat supplies, new lines, boat parts and emergency food for Joe to fly there with.  We have lots of wonderful friends at Great Harbour Cay, and the marina is a well known hurricane hole.  Marina staff are wonderful people, so I know everyone in the marina, boaters and staff, will be pitching in to help everyone out.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Watching Hurricane Matthew”

  • I’ve been watching Matthew as well and praying for the safety of everyone in its path. After being on Grand Cayman where the high point of the island is 10′ above sea level, this kind of weather is catastrophic! Praying specifically for Joe and Mahi!!!

    • Thanks, Susan! We have hurricane insurance, but I sure hope to not have to use it! Also admit to being worried for Joe, fellow cruisers, and other friends who live on the island.

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