Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Retire Early, Go Sailing, and Enjoy Life!

Back in Great Harbour Cay

Back in Great Harbour Cay

joeghcJoe flew out to Great Harbour Cay (GHC) just in case the weather system turned into a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.  Better safe than sorry, we felt.  Of course, once he booked his ticket, the storm weakened and turned south away from the Bahamas, strengthening and turning into Hurricane Hermine.  That’s okay, we have some boat jobs he can do while he is out there.  Plus, it gives him an excuse to walk the beach and enjoy the beautiful tropical waters.  Here is a GHC beach moment of zen:beachghc

Joe took a red eye flight from California, getting into Nassau in the morning.  The hard part is waiting for the late afternoon flight to Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands on a small LeAir puddle jumper plane.  I had called ahead to arrange a taxi to the marina, but unfortunately didn’t show.  No worries though.  Joe said he started walking and was picked up within 20 seconds.  Such is the way of GHC and why we love it.


Joe is slowly working through his “to-do” list.  He replaced the filter on our galley water filtration set up,  is replacing a head hose that needed replacing, and changed out the filters on the Yanmar diesel engine.  He also checked all the on board systems to make sure they were working fine- the A/C, inverter, refrigeration, batteries, fans, lights, and plumbing.  Our sailboat is a self contained unit, so there are many systems to contend with.  He also took off the head sails, added extra lines, and finished hurricane prep for the season.

boatcleanThe interior was in fine shape.  You might remember my post about how to leave your boat in a hot, humid location here.  Joe only found a small spot of mildew on the navigation station ceiling.  He wiped the area down with my vinegar/water/dawn solution and life is good!

As I post this, Joe is flying home again.  Ethan and I have missed him while he was away visiting Mahi.

I leave you with another image from our past cruising season.  Yes, the waters are indeed this color, it is simply stunning!  In this picture we are having a dinghy adventure with some cruising friends around GHC.  Btw, we love our AB 9.5′ alum. bottom dinghy and our Yamaha 15 hp motor.   You will never regret having a larger motor to get up on plane!


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