Named Storms and Boats

Named Storms and Boats

14088399_311231389228076_7877309162212052133_nLeaving your boat in a hurricane zone during hurricane season, you find yourself constantly following the weather. Joe and I have been watching Invest 99L, an area of interest for its potential to develop into a named storm. At the time of this writing, NOAA Hurricane Center is predicting that it has a 70% probability of becoming a named storm in the next 5 days.

A named storm, for all my non-boating friends, is just what you think- the NOAA assigns the storm with a designated name, starting with “A” at the beginning of the year, and working its way through the alphabet.

Mahi has “named storm” insurance coverage, and we just updated our storm plan for Lloyd’s of London, the policy holder on our boat. A storm plan is what you plan to do to protect your boat in the event of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.  This plan must be approved by your insurance company.

S/V Mahi at Great Harbour Cay Marina, Berry Islands, Bahamas. Photo by Trameco Evans.

If you have been following our travels, you are aware that S/V Mahi is located at Great Harbour Cay Marina, a well known hurricane hole for the summer.  We really love this marina, the people there, and it has become our home away from home in the Bahamas.

Because of the potential for a named storm, Joe and I had to make a decision for whether to fly out to the boat or not.  We decided to err on the side of caution and send Joe out  just in case.  If the storm is not severe, then Joe can take care of some boat jobs while he is visiting, while I will stay in California to care for Ethan while he travels.  There is always the ever present “to-do” list when you own a boat.  🙂

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