Sea Aquarium

Sea Aquarium

thHeading to our next anchoring spot at Cambridge Cay, we had a lovely beam reach along the Exuma Bank, where you become used to sailing in 8-20 feet of water.  That is just how the Exumas are.  You quickly overcome your fear of running aground, so long as you pay attention to your charts.  For anyone new to sailing in the Bahamas, a must have is the Explorer Chartbooks.  This is a series of three chartbooks that cover the entire Bahamas.

We arrived to Bell Island and started for the pass to Cambridge Cay.  Another sailboat hailed us on the radio, warning us that the surge was rather rough ahead and they needed to turn around.  We thanked them, and headed for an anchorage at Little Halls Pond Cay to wait for slack tide.

Sign on beach at Johnny Depp’s Private Island

The anchorage was only temporary, and I knew this island was private, so we could not go ashore.  Looking with my binoculars,  I saw some “No Trespassing” signs on the beach and evidence of security cameras.  I quickly googled the island to see who owned it- turned out to be Johnny Depp’s private island.  He has good taste.

When slack tide time arrived, we pulled up anchor and headed for the pass.  We anchored next to the mooring field, and rested for the night.

O’Brien’s Cay near the Sea Aquarium

We had heard wonderful things from M/Y Ditch’d Hatteras about the Sea Aquarium snorkeling spot next to O’Brien Cay.  So the next morning, that was the first item on our agenda.  This was an incredible spot, the best snorkeling to date in the Bahamas.  Here are some images I took with my underwater camera:






As you can see, this was an incredible spot!  We found the islands around Cambridge Cay to be interesting, and varied with lots to do!  We stayed here almost a week, and found something new to see each day.

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