Wifi Coverage & Rainbow Cay

Wifi Coverage & Rainbow Cay

13164287_10206496951763024_1432814131403269697_nThe only problem (well, if you can call it that) with extended travel to remote, tropical places, you find it difficult to write and upload blog posts.  I posted the last few with my cell phone, but even finding adequate cell coverage in the Bahamas can be a challenge.  Many nights saw me standing at the highest spot on my boat, holding my iPhone up as high as I could to obtain any bars.

We are now back in the wonderful marina at Great Harbour Cay, which has wonderful wifi, especially when they are not full, and there are no large boats to hog the bandwidth.  I figured it was time to get caught up on all we have been doing since Eleuthera.

Rainbow Cay turned out to be a breath of fresh air for us.  What is not to love?  Picturesque photo opportunities, nice local people we met.  I love any opportunity to pull out my nice professional Canon camera in order to capture images like this one.  Keep in mind this image has not been altered in any ways, the colors are truly this vivid:


Rainbow Cay Beach in the distance.

Above image shows we were the only boat here the entire stay.  You could swim ashore, snorkel off the beach and rock points.

There is a well maintained beach where we met the local Rainbow Cay Association President, Ron, and his wife, Sue.  We struck up a conversation, and this kind couple offered to show us their slice of paradise.  The sightseeing tour also included a trip to the local grocery store for provisions.  By the time we were done, I was ready to move there and buy a place.  It is that stunning!

Our time at Rainbow Cay was magical.  Here is an interesting picture,  a sunset, moonlight image of Rainbow Cay from the boat:





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    • Missed writing posts! Found I was getting frustrated trying to write using my iPhone app. 🙂 So far have written and scheduled 3 posts, so expect new updates each day until I catch up to the present. Hugs, Carla

  • Amazing pictures, both here and on facebook!! So glad you are having such a fabulous time, meeting such wonderful people and enjoying so much beauty!!

    • Yes, the season is coming to an end soon. Then we have to deal with hurricane season. Make plans for next season. Thinking Cuba would be interesting.

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