Eleuthera- Meek Patch to Hatchet Bay

Eleuthera- Meek Patch to Hatchet Bay

Since leaving Spanish Wells, we have spent the last week or two at anchor in Eleuthera.  It is stunning wherever we go.

Internet happens to be nonexistent, so will share some iPhone photos with you and hope they are uploaded through cell phone data.

First anchor stop- Meek Patch.  here is our beautiful sunset:

Our next anchorage will be Glass Window, a window view and narrow spit of land between the bay and ocean.  Used to be a natural bridge, but a rouge wave took care of that feature, which is replaced by a bridge.

Here we are anchoring in Hatchet Bay for a night:

To get to this anchorage, we had a nice sail down the coast of Eleuthera.

We took the dinghy into town and found a grocery store about the size of a small bedroom.  Bought a few items until we could locate a larger store to provision.

Next stop- Rainbow Bay.  Once I find wifi, I will upload some new blog posts, promise!

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