Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells

ethanwaterOur first stop in Eleuthra is Spanish Wells, a beautiful settlement filled with descendants of Eleutheran Adventurers and English loyalists during the American Revolutionary War.  This is a clean, friendly and picturesque island, filled with colorful, freshly painted houses and beautiful gardens.  Crime is non-existent. Golf carts fill the street as the primary form of transportation.  You are greeted with a friendly hello or wave as you see the island.


spanishwellsbeachThe beaches are, of course, stunning, and a golf cart rental to see both Spanish Wells (located on St. George’s Cay) and Russell Island is a must.   We quickly learned where the grocery store was so we could provision, where the park was for Ethan to play, and the beaches.  We met several families staying here on vacation, who became playmates for Ethan during our stay.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the people we met.  Today, Ethan and I got much needed visit to the local island hair salon.  Check out how cute Ethan’s new haircut turned out with the before and after shots, shown above.


We leave tomorrow for new places to anchor and explore.  Ethan’s 5th birthday is quickly approaching, so stay tuned for that event.   Fair Winds from Joe, Carla and Ethan.


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  • I was/am a follower of your quilting blog and now I am thoroughly enjoying your sailing adventures. Thank you so much for letting me into your world.

    • Hi Janet, how are you? I did meet a Bahamian quilter the other day, one who does hand quilting in her shop. She was so interesting to talk to! Hope you are well.❤️

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