Berry Islands Snorkeling 2

Berry Islands Snorkeling 2

12065651_918263168294997_4729024296852295090_nTeaming up with the crew from SV Dalmation, SV C’est La Vie, and M/Y Carry On, we waited for the tide to rise high enough to travel over the shallows by dinghy to visit Fanny Cay, Ambergris and Money Cay.

On board our dinghy were Joe, Ethan, myself, and MaryLou from Dalmation.  The dinghy in the photo background held Shani and Bruce from Carry On.  Picture by Lydia Adams and Bob (C’est la Vie), who were in the front dinghy taking the image on the left.

FullSizeRender(19)The first stopping point was Fanny Cay, which had some beautiful fish to see.  We anchored on a sand bar, and this allowed Ethan to practice his emerging snorkeling skills.

We find that Ethan is getting braver and braver with getting over his fear of the ocean and seaweed.  One day, I am sure we will tease him about the evil seaweed.  Ha ha ha!


Lydia also took the picture of Joe and I, and the water and scenery were stunning as it appears.

Next, we headed for Money Cay and the southern tip of Ambergris Cay.  This turned out to be our favorite spot seen to date, hands down!  Here are some photos I took with my iPhone, kicking myself that I didn’t have my good camera on board.  No photo editing done at all,  the images were not doctored in any way.


Money Cay shown above.  Just as we pulled up, we saw a nurse shark.  Ethan is in the dinghy awaiting the landing.


Lydia and Bob Adams on C’est la Vie‘s dinghy.


Bruce and Shani from M/Y Carry On:


Keep posted for our next blog post where I did take my good camera to capture some incredible beach images of Great Harbour Cay.   Hugs from Joe Carla and Ethan



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