Images From Our Day

Images From Our Day

joedinghyI thought I would share some photos from our day.  Today, we joined a wonderful group of cruisers who traveled through a narrow mangrove path to see a distant beach.  Along the way, we saw sea turtles, manta rays, starfish, conch, fish, and other sea creatures.  A wonderful experience!


ethandinghySome dinghy images of both Joe and Ethan.

Your dinghy functions as basically your boat car.  You use it to get around to sight see.



Here is the conch I found and the dark little section is the actual conch.  I plan to learn how to crack open the conch and remove the it.  Then you must  prepare the meat before turning into a conch salad, conch fritters or any other conch dish.  They are quite yummy!  Next, at a later date, I plan to turn the shell into a conch horn.  The local ritual is to blow the conch horn at sunset.

Here is a interesting netting I discovered near the boat.  It is actually quite lovely, so I captured the image for you:




Next up is a compilation of two starfish I discovered while snorkeling today. They were large, about the size of a dinner plate.

It wasn’t yet sunset when we arrived back to the boat, but this scene had a warm glow about it.  I took a walk to a pier and though I would share the image with you.

I hope you enjoyed the images from our day.   Regards, from Joe and Carla




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