Sunday Trip

Sunday Trip

Finally, after waiting patiently,  the weather forecast allows us to leave Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Sunday.   We are starting our journey by heading south to Biscayne Bay, anchoring out for a night, then leaving across the Gulf Stream to Bimini.

 Previously, we were planning to go to the West End, but changed our minds at the last minute.

Final provisioning took place yesterday, so today was spent figuring out where everything fits.   I did a pretty good job, this is the “after” picture.

A shout out to Neil, Magali, and Annabelle, also to Neil’s parents, Ray and Bonnie!  So enjoyed dinner last night, fine company, and the kindness of good friends!

Hope to see you in the Exumas!  If not, then in Ft. Lauderdale during the summer.

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