Going With The Flow

Going With The Flow

 The cruiser mentality is to “go with the flow” and take things as they come.  Old habits of our former life on land- namely living to schedules, having a rather predictable life- have now flown out the window, leaving life a bit unsettled at times.

Joe, Ethan and I are about to reach the 6 month mark since leaving our home in Northern California.  The refit took more time and money than originally expected- which seems to be the cruiser’s norm.   Transitioning to a new living situation has been more stressful than anticipated.  Change for some people may be more challenging than for others.

Slowly, we have adapted and adjusted to this new experience of living on a 43-foot sailboat.  The benefits of learning to adapt to this nomadic cruising life have been the people we have met, the rich experiences we would not have had if still living back home. With risk comes great reward.

Looking ahead, we are bound to have moments when we wonder just what the heck we were thinking?  Bad weather, near misses, boat breaking, the list of what can happen could be endless.

That is the moment to sit back, put on some soothing music, take in the scenery, perhaps pour ourselves a painkiller, and  just “go with the flow.”

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