Moving Back Aboard

Moving Back Aboard

With the boat smelling great (see post here), and with the new mattress installed, it is time to move back onto our sailboat and start preparations to head offshore.  First though, we have a few jobs to wrap up.

The compressor failed on our fridge and freezer unit,  which is a rather pricey repair.   We plan to use a cooler until the part can be installed.  Luckily, the boat is currently docked close to 2 grocery stores, so getting ice will be no problem while the refrigeration is restored.

designboardOn Monday, the new upholstery gets re-installed.  I can’t wait!  To refresh your memory, this is the Sunbrella fabric I chose for the cushions.  It is the top fabric in the photo and my curtain and accent fabrics are below.  The Mahi art I had commissioned from an excellent artist in Texas was my color inspiration for this palette.

Also, I am a pack rat at heart.  The problem is not all of it will fit on the boat.  So will be editing our belongings as I figure out what goes where and what needs to be boxed up and sent back home to California.

whats-on-my-boat-appOne reason I need to organize and edit our stuff, is because I then have to provision for the Bahamas.   To help me remember where things are stowed, so I can find them when I want them, I am using an App called What’s On My Boat.

This is a useful app, and you can edit the app categories to reflect your boat spaces and what is stowed.   You may also take a picture of each space, too, with your smart phone and add it to the app.  Have found this app very helpful so far.  Cost for my iPhone was $4.99 US.

On the canvas side of things, Our full enclosure is almost complete, and the 1st shade awning/rain catcher is being made.  On the rigging side, we just need the topping lift installed, and then take the boat out for a test sail.  That’s all!

bahamas-exumas-beach-ddOnce the above gets completed, we wait for a good weather window and take off for the Bahamas.  We plan to spend most of our time in the Exumas.  Stay Tuned!

Fair Winds, Carla

4 thoughts on “Moving Back Aboard”

  • Thank goodness the refrigerator/freezer unit failed while you were still here!! That would be awful to lose out in the middle of the ocean!!! So incredibly soon you will be shoving off!!! So very excited for you!!!

  • I had to go and check out the Exumas – you will be in paradise!!! Now you just need a box of the snack sized ziplock bags to collect sand from every beach you go to – every beach has different sand and it would be an interesting science lesson for Ethan! Just make sure to write down what beach on whichever island you are visiting on a piece of paper and pop that into the baggie so you can differentiate them all and check the ocean currents that brought that sand to that beach. Oh, dry sand…wet never seems to dry out!

    • LOL, you know me!! However, have thought of this and so have plastic screw lid test tubes on board to collect the sand. Looking for beach glass, too!

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