New Name and Splash!

New Name and Splash!

Lots happening on the Barrett Boat front the last few days.  First, the new boat name was placed on the vessel, along with her hailing port.

I had the sign company guy apply it.  Now that I have watched their process, it is not at all hard to do.  Next time, I will apply it myself.  🙂

We haven’t yet had our renaming ceremony, but to temporarily appease Neptune and Poseidon, we poured some rum off the bow into the water.  Who are we to tempt the sea gods?

Other news- we found a dock!!  Well, our friend, Pam Wall, found us a dock, I should say.  She has been wonderful to us!  You might remember my last post where a barge had left mahisplashus no access to our former dock space.  We couldn’t go back in the water from the yard until we had a new dock to go to.

So this afternoon we were able to splash back in the water at the boat yard.  That was fun to watch.  Basically, the travel lift comes, lifts the boat up so they can quickly touch up the keel bottom that rests on the wood.  They let it dry, then place the sailboat in the well.

photo by Pam Wall
photo by Pam Wall

A shout out to Leandro and his team of workers in the yard who did such a fine job on Mahi.  We are very thankful for the work they did.

Also, thanks to Pam for taking this picture of us on Mahi as we were heading down the canal to the new dock.   This is the first picture of us on the boat with the new name.  If you look closely, I am wearing a green shirt and holding a line in my hands.  Joe is at the helm.  Ethan is out of the picture down below playing with his toys.

A huge thank you to Pam, Bob and Annie, who were waiting to help us dock in a tight space by taking our lines.  Sailors are so incredibly generous and kind!

6 thoughts on “New Name and Splash!”

  • Sounds like sailors and quilters have a great deal in common!! So glad things (like the dock) are coming your way!!! One more step closer to heading out!!! Love your new “abandon ship” addition – looks fabulous and I hope you NEVER even come close to needing it!!!

    • Yes, looking forward to having the new liferaft arrive. We also have a “ditch” kit, too, to organize. So much to do before we head off, but small steps every day. Tomorrow, the new sails arrive.

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