Moving the Boat

Moving the Boat

We need a haul out and work to be done on the boat in Fort Lauderdale, which means a delivery trip from the west coast of Florida, around to the east coast.   Mahi leaves the marina tomorrow, where we had been renting a slip.

ethanhomeworkHelping Joe with the delivery trip is our wonderful brother-in-law, Dave, who is married to my sister, Yvette.  It helps that Dave  happens to be a mega-yacht captain with over 30 years of experience, having just delivered a 312 foot motor yacht across the Atlantic.  He is coming from being on a world class motor yacht to helping Joe on our 43 foot sailboat- what a guy!!

Ethan and I are currently in Fort Lauderdale now.  We decided to enroll Ethan into preschool here, which will free up time for us to work on the boat, plus be good for his social and with pre-academic skills, like the patterning homework shown in the photo.  It’s a win-win for all.

I really wanted to go on this delivery trip, but we didn’t feel the boat had the needed safety equipment installed yet for Ethan to be on board, too.   So, Ethan and I are staying with Yvette, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, while I am arranging bids for the needed work once the boat gets here and taking Ethan to school.

newboatgrillI have asked Joe to take plenty of pictures to share.  Maybe I can finally get him to write up a blog post about the delivery trip.  Btw, here is a picture of the new Magma grill for the boat, which Joe added the other day.

Next up- what we need to do to the sailboat before we leave for the Bahamas.  Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Moving the Boat”

  • Just need everyone to stay out of the way of Hurricane Joaquin!!! What great fun the guys will have taking the Mahi around the tip of Florida…beautiful area. How long do they think the trip will take them? Love the BBQ – that will get lots of use, I’m sure!!!

    • Hurricane Joaquin will hopefully be way north by the time they swing around the Keys and head up. 🙂

      Keeping fingers crossed it will weaken. Thinking that the trip only takes about 4-5 days since they will stop in marinas along the way for some rest. Looking forward to using the BBQ.

    • Thanks, Margo! So wish I could go along on this trip. Meanwhile, I will follow their progress via cell phone and texts. Can’t wait to whip the boat into shape! 🙂 Hugs back at you!

  • Love that grill Joe added on to your sail boat — grilled fish is very healthy and yummy. Are you a fishing person Carla?

    • Yes, Barb, I am the fisher person on board, including filleting them out. Tomorrow I hope to visit Bass Pro Shop for a Hawaiian sling (similar to a spear gun, but legal in the Bahamas), plus more fishing lures and gear. Hugs, Carla

  • Carla, thanks for the update. I am so thankful that Dave is going with Joe. Please keep me posted with their progress. I talked to Joe yesterday. I am so proud of both of you. Love you, Ramona

    • Hi Ramona, yes, it was so kind of Dave to offer. Glad it worked out, plus Joe can learn from Dave’s vast nautical experience. Love to you, Carla

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