Traveling Coast to Coast

Traveling Coast to Coast

Packing complete,  it was time to load up the U-Haul trailer and head for Florida from our home in California.  Can you say, “Long drive with a 4 year old in his car seat?”  Actually, Ethan did just fine, except for those moments across Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas, when he declared he needed to go bathroom NOW with no forewarning.  Such are the way of children.

Crisis dealt with by killing weeds on a dirt road off the highway.   We did stop in Missouri for the weekend to see my dad.  That was a wonderful visit, and were treated to Filet Mignon on the BBQ, plus other wonderful meals.

My Dad has an amazing house, including this incredible indoor pool.  Note the sailboat mural painted by a family friend.  The artist used spray paint cans as his medium, and note the sailboat detail, too.  This is a huge mural and spans an entire wall.mural

Also in his pool room is a rock wall, jacuzzi and  tiki bar.  You can see another picture in the image lower.  Needless to say, we went swimming every day!

poolroom3After the weekend, we drove through Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama to get to the boat in Florida.  What does it take to drive from CA to FL, pulling a trailer?  5 full days of travel.  Ethan was a fabulous traveler, not many 4 year old boys I know that would sit happily for 5 days driving across the country.

Once in the Sarasota area, we stopped by the boat in the marina in order to show Ethan the new sailboat and where his room/berth will be.  He was very excited as you can tell by the photo.


Now it is time to move aboard tomorrow morning after I get a good boat interior clean in.  Good times!

4 thoughts on “Traveling Coast to Coast”

  • I’ve made the drive from Washington to Florida several times…either alone, with my dog, with my daughter and her cat, but never with a kiddo – kudos to you!! What an exciting chapter of your life you are embarking on!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing all your fabulous pictures!!! Bon Voyage!!!

  • I stumbled across your blog about a week ago while looking for sailboat quilt pictures. Wow! I’m not a blog follower, but I am loving reading about your wonderful adventures. Thank you for sharing your life’s dreams.

  • We left when my kids were little too, one was 4 in fact. One of the things I had was a treat locker, a hidden stash of new books and toys to pull out when everything else seems to have palled. Also, books on tape are a heaven sent, especially if they are a little bit seasick. Too wobbly to play, but not sick enough to avoid whining boredom. Audio stories!!!!

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