Packing Day!

Packing Day!

Today, we are packing up the U-Haul trailer with everything we intend to bring on board the boat.  The plan is to drive across the country, from California to Florida, in order to move onto the Taswell 43 sailboat.  We will be making a short stop in Missouri to see my father, Carl (yes, I was named after him) and his partner, Doris.

So, what are we bringing?  Here is a partial list of important items:

Gill0s2Heavy Weather and Tropical Foulies– For our heavy weather foul weather gear, we both have Gill OS2, which we picked up at a boat show last April.  Joe owns a yellow jacket and I picked up a red jacket with a black bib overalls.

For tropical night watch, when you need a lighter weight jacket, I own a pink Helly Hansen and Joe owns a red West Marine foulie.


Tools, clothes, footwear, including dedicated boat shoes (Tevas for both Joe and I, Sperry Topsider sandals for Ethan) and more:

world-cruising-routes-6th-ed-1Books and Resources- You also need to bring How-to books on repairing the boat’s electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, diesel engine and generator, fiberglass, and plumbing.  Bringing along cruising guides, nautical charts, log books, cruising atlas, and more, is also important.

For Ethan, we have packed some educational resources, plus a number of books to read to him.  An e-reader, loaded with even more books, is also along for the journey.

Medicines, First Aid, and Medical/Dental Emergency Kit Supplies–  We met with our amazing thdoctor yesterday, who is also a sailor and very supportive of our cruising plans.  We received an MMR booster, plus the first shot of two to prevent Hepatitis A.  We also have a Typhoid vaccine.  Eventually, in Florida, we were advised to obtain Yellow Fever immunizations, as well.  Our doctor wrote a number of prescriptions for our offshore medical kit- antibiotics to cover any infections, vomiting, seasickness, swimmer’s ear, and anti-malaria meds.  He also made a list of over-the-counter medications he suggests having along, too, which was most helpful.

Yesterday, I dropped by our dentist office to pick up our emergency dental kit and tools.  The dentist wrote two additional prescriptions in case of tooth infection.  Also, in case we are offshore and develop a problem involving severe tooth pain, we now have the tools and supplies for basic pain relief in the dental kit.

Not forgetting Ethan, I met with his pediatrician a few weeks ago and received prescriptions to cover his medical needs, as well.  Both medical doctors, along with the dentist, advised receiving shore based medical assistance before dispensing many of the prescriptions.  This makes sense.

thCamera Equipment- To capture our journey, I am bringing 2 cameras along, my Canon EOS 6D and an underwater Powershot.  I also have an older generation Go Pro, but will be leaving it home.  Why? I found the Go Pro to have a very short battery life, and the quality of the images, even with a red underwater filter, to be sub-par.  The audio quality was poor, too.

This post lists just a few items, but as we have a small trailer to haul it all across the country, you know there is more.  Joe, Ethan and I are getting excited about moving aboard and what the future will hold. Let the adventure begin!!


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